EMSCAN Solve The Problem Of CE102/RE102 Exceeding The Standard
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User: A Military Research Institute

Measured Object: Military Computer

Problem: The Product Has Been Tested And Rectified Many Times, But Ce102 And Re102 Still Exceed The Standard.


Use Emscan For Near-field Measurement. After Rong Proposed The Pcb Design Modification Opinions To The Company, The Test Was Conducted Again On November 15th. The Test Results Of The Near-field Test Using Emscan Are As Follows:



Judging From The Results Of The Near-field Measurement, The Revised Product Has A Very Detailed Improvement In Both The Number Of Electromagnetic Interference Frequency Points And The Intensity, Especially The Radiation On The Cable. The Improvement Is Very Obvious.

When The Product Went To The Testing Agency To Test Gjb151a/152a Again, The Radiation In The Whole Frequency Range Was Reduced By About 10db, And The Frequency Points That Exceeded The Standard Before Were Reduced By As Much As 20db. The Product Successfully Passed The National Military Standard Test.

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EMSCAN Solve The Problem Of CE102/RE102 Exceeding The Standard