Reverberation Chamber Method Vehicle Immunity Test Technology Seminar Was A Complete Success
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With The Development Of Auto-driving Technology, The Reverberation Room Method Immunity Test Will Soon Become The Mainstream Technology Of Vehicle Immunity Test. The Technical Advantages Of The Reverberation Room Are Obvious, But It Involves Many Disciplines Such As Microwave Electromagnetic Field, Probability Statistics, Signal Analysis, Instrument Control, Etc. It Puts Forward Higher Technical Requirements For Users, Which Limits The Application And Promotion Of This Technology In China. Compared With This Nasa In The United States, Airbus In Europe, And Mainstream International Automobile Factories Have Already Implemented A Large Number Of Commercial Applications And Practices.

Iso 11451-5 'test Method For Immunity Of Road Vehicles To Narrowband Radiated Electromagnetic Energy Part 5: Reverberation Chamber Law' Has Been Drafted In 2019. Dr. Martin Aidam, Emc Expert From Daimler Ag, Germany, Convened For The Standard People.

From January 9 To 10, 2020, The 'reverberation Chamber Method Vehicle Immunity Test Technology Seminar' Organized By Nanjing Rongce Was Successfully Held At Rongce And Was A Complete Success. Dr. Martin Aidam Attended The Meeting; And China Automotive Technology Research Center, Shanghai Motor Vehicle Testing Center, Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute, Suzhou Electric Power Research Institute And Other Testing Institutions; Daimler, Ford, Volvo And Other Advanced Car Companies; Nanjing University Of Aeronautics And Astronautics , Southeast University, Zhejiang University And Other Well-known Universities; R&s And Other Well-known Companies' Reverberation Room Technical Experts.

The Purpose Of This Meeting Is To Provide Technical Reference For The Formulation Of Iso 11451-5 Standard Through Mutual Exchange Of Research Results And Experience.

Nanjing Rongce Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Built A Vehicle Reverberation Room In 2018, And In 2019, It Was In The Vehicle Reverberation Room With Dr. Xu Qian Of China Southern Airlines, Associate Professor Zhou Xiang Of Southeast University, And Peng Peng, A Ford Asia Pacific Emc And Rf Expert. A Large Number Of Tests And Studies Have Been Carried Out On The French Anti-interference Test, And A Wealth Of Experience Has Been Accumulated.

In This Exchange Event, Dr. Aidam Pointed Out That Facing The Trend Of Vehicle Intelligence And Networking, Future Cars Need To Have Higher Frequency Anti-jamming Capabilities. In The Traditional Darkroom Method Immunity Test, Due To The Concentration Of High-frequency Transmitting Antenna Beams, Multi-position And Multi-angle Illumination Are Required To Simulate The Interference Of Various Electromagnetic Emissions On The Auxiliary Driving Or Automatic Driving Sensors And Actuators In The Car In The Actual Scene, Which Will Greatly Increase The Test Time And Test Cost.

Dr. Aidam Introduced The Novel Design Of Daimler's Newly Built Vehicle Reverberation Room, As Well As Their Research And Experiments To Expand The Low-frequency Applications Of The Reverberation Room, Demonstrating The Efficiency And Future Potential Of The Reverberation Room.


Dr. Xu Qian Introduced The Theoretical Basis Of The Time-domain Calibration Method Applied In The Reverberation Room And The Data Verified In Practice In The Volumetric Reverberation Room, Analyzed The Advantages Of The Time-domain Calibration Method In Reducing The Application Complexity Of The Reverberation Room, And Proposed Using The Absorption Cross-section Method That Is Only Related To The Characteristics Of The Test Object (vehicle) Instead Of The Loading Coefficient, Mr. Xu Also Showed That The Test Data In The Reverberation Mode Above 80mhz In The Capacity Test Reverberation Room Is Highly Consistent With The Theoretical Model, And The Test Is Saved. Time And Reduce Uncertainty.


In The Traditional Darkroom Immunity Test, Due To The Low Radiation Efficiency Of The Low-frequency (30mhz-80mhz) Antenna, A Huge Antenna And Expensive High-power Amplifier Are Required. In Addition, The Coverage Of The Antenna And The Field Strength Are Mutually Restricted. The Test Area Of the Vehicle The Uniformity Of The Internal Field Is Higher Than 6db. At Present, Oems Use Compromise Evaluation Or Multiple Antenna Positions To Reduce Test Uncertainty.

Dr. Aidam Hopes That The Vehicle Reverberation Room Method Test Can Be As Complete As The Darkroom Method Standard Iso 11451-2, And The Test For All Frequency Ranges (10khz-18ghz) Can Be Completed In The Reverberation Room. The Idea Of installing A Stripline In The Reverberation Room To Meet The Requirements Of 10khz-30mhz Is Put Forward; At The Same Time, It Is Pointed Out That The Vehicle Reverberation Room Of Conventional Size Cannot Cover The Low Frequency Test Of 30mhz-80mhz.

Peng Peng Shared The Plan To Cover The Entire Test Frequency Range Of The Darkroom Method Implemented In The Capacity Test Reverberation Room. Including The Related Research And Discovery Of Low Frequency Expansion Below 80mhz, Using The Boundary Conditions Of The Breathing Wall To Change The Characteristics, Excite The Cavity Resonance Under The Under-mode Condition To Achieve Low-power And High-field Applications. Compared With The Darkroom Method, It Can Save 90% Of The Power And No Need Complicated And Expensive Antenna; And The Joint Research Results Of Exciting Tem Mode In The Reverberation Room, Install A Specially Designed Antenna In The Reverberation Room To Produce The Field Distribution And Application Equivalent To The Stripline Of The Electric Wave Anechoic Chamber, And The Frequency Range Covers 10khz-30mhz.


On The Morning Of January 10, The Capacity Test Engineer Demonstrated The Actual Operation Of The Above Discussion Content For The Experts In The Reverberation Room, Showing The Internal Innovative Design And Efficient Data Processing Process, As Well As The Highly Consistent From Theoretical Analysis, Model Simulation, And Practical Verification. Closed-loop Development Results.


On The Afternoon Of January 10th, The Participants Visited The 5m Method Anechoic Chamber And Reverberation Room Of The Emc Laboratory Of Southeast University And The Antenna Anechoic Chamber And Reverberation Chamber Of The Laboratory Where Mr. Xu Qian Of Nanjing University Of Aeronautics And Astronautics Worked.



This Seminar Brought Together Senior Experts In Domestic Reverberation Research. The Content Of The Meeting Was Rich, Including Theoretical Analysis, Data Display, And Practical Operation Demonstration, Which Achieved Good Results And Influence. Just As The International Standard Iso11451-5 Has Just Completed The Project And Organized Experts From Various Countries To Participate In The Early Drafting, Dr. Aidam, As The Convener Of The Standard, Pointed Out That The Relevant Content Of This Seminar Provided A Valuable Reference For The Standard Being Drafted. , And Proposed To Share The Relevant Content With Other Members And Automakers' Experts At The Iso Working Group Meeting Held In Austin In March This Year.

On This Basis, Capacity Test Will Continue To Use The Advantages Of Jiangning District To Promote Industry-university-research Cooperation, Reduce The Complexity And Technical Threshold Of The Reverberation Room Application, And Promote The Popularization Of The Reverberation Room Test Technology To Meet The Application Needs Of The More Complex Electromagnetic Environment In The Future .

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